Mendeley Word Plugin Mac Download

Download here

Last week we uploaded a development preview of Mendeley Desktop, which isn’t as stable as the proper release but allows adventurous users to try out the latest features. You can download it from the bottom half of: And please, restart Mendeley Desktop after installing as the Word plugin doesn’t work when run from the installer (we will fix this!)

  1. Mendeley Plugin Word 365

It is a free, simple plugin for Microsoft Word (Windows, Mac) or Libre Office (All platforms). Allows you to quickly and easily insert styled citations to reference materials from your Mendeley Library. Automatically generates a bibliography for your paper using all the materials you’ve cited. Installing the Mendeley plugin for MS Word 2011 for Mac and adding a citation Mendeley word plug-in is installed simply by clicking on ‘tools’ then ‘install MS Word plugin’ on the drop down menu. If this doesn’t work as in my case.

It includes a cool new citation feature for the Word plugin which makes adding and removing references much simpler. Eventually we will get it working on OpenOffice and on Mac Word, but first we’d like you Windows users to let us know how it works for you. Here’s the low down:

  1. When you need to insert a citation press ALT-M, or if you don’t like keyboard shortcuts (what’s wrong with you?!) click “Insert Citation”
  2. A box will appear where you can search by author name, title, and year for your reference.
  3. Select the reference using the cursor keys and Enter, or use the mouse (but seriously, keyboard is better :))
  4. Add more references if you need.

That’s it! Just press enter or click OK and the citation appears in your document, formatted in your chosen style.
If you decide to add or remove references from a citation later, place the cursor there and press ALT-M to open the citation editor box again.

And adding a bibliography at the end is just as simple as it’s always been, just click the “Insert Bibliography” button and all the references cited in your document will be inserted according to your chosen style. We’d love to get your feedback on this feature and the Word plugin in general so we can make it even more awesome.

Download here